The ISHR International Mid-Career Investigator (MCI) group

In 2019 the ISHR appointed an international committee to represent interests and activities of the MCIs (8-15 years post terminal degree and those who have not yet reached the rank of Full Professor). The Committee is composed of two members from each section:

  • Nicole Purcell and Rajasekaran Namakkal-Soorappan (North American Section)
  • Alejandro Orlowski and Zully Pedrozo (Latin American Section)
  • Davor Pavlovic and Nina Kaludercic (European Section)
  • Uma Nahar Saikia and Sivasubramanianarah Ramakrishnan (Indian Section)
  • Xue-Yan Jiang and Han Xiao (Chinese Section)
  • Kenji Onoue and Mikito Takefuji (Japanese Section)
  • Jeff Erickson and James Bell (Australian Section)

The Committee organized a discussion panel and the social event at the 2019 ISHR World Congress in Beijing. Among the topics discussed were the need for creation of the MCI community, support for career development, and how the ISHR can help with some of the challenges faced by the members at this career stage.

Feel free to contact the European Section representatives with any suggestions for MCI activities. To support this initiative and get all the updates, you can follow us on Facebook (ISHR MCI), LinkedIn (ISHR MCI) and the ISHR International MCI page.

Join us and participate in this unique community with your fellow mid-career cardiovascular researchers!