Why you should join the ISHR

  1. The ISHR, founded in 1968, is the only truly worldwide research society for heart research and differs in this respect from the ESC or the AHA.
  2. The ISHR is particularly strong in the areas of cardiac signaling, metabolism, mitochondria, ischemia/reperfusion, myofilaments, calcium handling and force regulation.
  3. The ISHR is dedicated to basic research as long as it has a focus on the heart. It is open to physician scientists and translational research, but clinical applicability is not a defining criterion.
  4. The ISHR is an informal organization that benefits from personal engagement of its members. Its income is generated almost entirely from membership fees and share of profits from its journal, the JMCC. In consequence, it is almost entirely independent of pharmaceutical industry.
  5. ISHR International and its European, North American, Asian and Australian sections organize scientific conferences in all parts of the world. ISHR International holds a World Congress every 3 years (approximately 1000-1500 participants), and the sections hold annual meetings in the other years (200-300 participants). Conferences are generally at very attractive, often unusual venues and characterized by an academic, familiar and friendly atmosphere.
  6. The ISHR is the best place to do networking, both with senior and junior scientists from all over the world (please have a look at our active officers and awardees).
  7. The ISHR offers young scientists opportunities to participate in Council organization, both at the level of the sections and International.
  8. ISHR meetings offer attractive Young Investigator Competitions, which enable young scientists to present and discuss their research projects during well attended oral/poster symposia. The ISHR provides young investigator awards and significant travel support for its conferences (40-50% of its budget).
  9. ISHR-ES (European Section) offers the prestigious ISHR/Servier Fellowship as well as personal financial prizes to encourage scientists at all stages of their careers.
  10. Membership dues for the European Section are collected by the European Section Treasurer at the following rates:
    • Regular Member: € 80 (Discounts: 2 yrs € 150; 3 yrs € 200)
    • Trainee Member: € 30
    • Retired Member: € 30
    • Central-Eastern European Member: € 30
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